The work we've done is work for both private developers and for public administration.

We now have two leaders engaged in work: a Technical Engineer of Public Works (10 years of experience) and a Civil Engineer and Ports (6 years experience).

In addition to personnel responsible for managing the works, the company has hired several workers for the direct execution of works. Planificación Urbana y Paisajística has hired three managers work 10 officers of 1st, 5 pawns, and a mixed backhoe driver. Con estos medios y las subcontratas necesarias, Planificación Urbana y Paisajística es capaz de ejecutar obras de varios millones de euros y de cualquier rama de la ingeniería civil. By these means and subcontractors necessary, Planificación Urbana y Paisajística is capable of executing works of several million euros and of any branch of civil engineering.

Since the founding of this company have executed works of urbanization for the vast majority of developers in the province of Alicante and municipalities such as Ibi, Castalla, Santa Pola, San Vicente del Raspeig and Benidorm. Tenemos clasificación empresarial de varios tipos lo cual nos hace poder presentarnos a muchas de las obras que sacan a licitación los ayuntamientos y diputaciones. We have business classification of various types which makes us able to put a lot of works out to tender the municipalities and county councils.

Planificación Urbana y Paisajística belongs to a group Viveros Ferpas, which has experience of over 50 years in the maintenance of gardens in different towns of the province of Alicante and in the implementation of parks, gardens and landscaping works. Viveros Ferpas also has plantations in Costa Rica for over 8 years and whose plantations are imported into Spain for the completion of parks and gardens.





Planificación Urbana y Paisajística, S.L., was established in February of 2006 with the aim of being able to perform works for property developers and public administration. The work we do are civil works, parks, gardens and industrial buildings.